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The Need For Female Empowerment (Lonely Days)

Lonely Days relates the urgent need for women to be freed from the shackles of the parochial cultural traditions and male dominance that had subjugated many for so long.

The Narrative highlights the need for women to assert themselves despite challenges; it also presents the need for women to join hands and demand for their freedom. 

Yaremi, for instance, refuses to break down in the face of hardship and oppression. She testifies thata women everywhere must confront the obstacles on the way to total freedom for the women. 

Yaremi presents the need for every women to have a mind of her own and stand by her decisions. Women must be able to do what they want and not what is imposed upon them. 

Women must hold on to what they believe is right and not permit anyone to disuade them or coerce then choosing a cap at the cap-picking ceremony.

Lonely Days reveals that perceptions of kufi people about the right and responsibilities of women is wrong-headed. 

The Image of the women in kufi is not a healthy one. Most people regard women as necessary 'woes' . The Narrator reveal that many kufi men like their women to be docile and subservient. 

In fact, Many of them engage in wife-battering. There are unjust inequality in Kufi. The men feel insulted that Yaremi, a women, is able to worm her way to a position of prominence in village matter.

The traditions of the land are hardly favorable to women. There are unjust widows' rites but no such rite demanded of widowers. 

Also, Polygamous settings in always fight for their husband's attentions; they curse one another and engage in shameless and endless squabbles to secure a night with their husband.

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