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The Dignity of labor (Lonely Days Part 4)

The narrative underscores the fact that if women would be empowered, they must have something doing, that is they must be engaged in a meaningful occupation. 

Yaremi, the protagonist, in addition to her taffeta business, has a farm. The Narrative stressed the need for women to be hardworking and diligent at work. 

Yaremi can stand tall and face kufi men because she is self-sufficient. She stands by her decision not to replace Ajumobi with Ayanwale, Olonade or Lanwa because the proceeds from her various business endeavour can cater for her needs.

Yaremi is forced to work alone, she does all work, both the ones that belongs to her gender and those that women are not her goats' feeding; she dries maize in the sun, she makes and sells taffeta cloths, she threshes beans-seeds, tends coco yam.

stitches her old quilts, all without complaining she is surprised when a women remarked that she was gradually becoming a man. 

Her hands are both from the hard labour that she preoccupies herself with. Even her voice is becoming authoritiative and sharp and her gait has become restive.

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