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The Complete theme of the Lonely Days

The Complete theme of the Lonely Days.

Lonely Days relate the agonies of the widowhood; it shows the effect of the unjust widowhood rituals on women.

The Agony of widowhood

Lonely Days relate the agonies of the widowhood; it shows the effect of the unjust widowhood rituals on women. Yaremi, fayoyin, Fadeke and Dedewe all suffer maltreatment and deprivations becuuse they are windows. The Loss of a loved one is demoralizing on it own, adding unwarranted punishment to it simply unreasonable. Widows suffer discrimination and marginalization.

They are made to sing dirges and confess sins that they didn't not commit. Fayoyin, for Instance, is made to lick libation and sing dirges. The People sprinkle cold water on her head to make it easier for the barber to shave her hair. Fayoyin's Appearance is terrible altered after her husband's corpse inside a drak room. Dedewe is also made to confess her "sin ";, she is forced to sit beside her husband.

The three widows during a visit Yaremi tell her of how they sank up deep into despair when they lost their husband and how "a thick cloud gathered in our sky covering our earth in pity darkness. Widowhood in Kufi, as in many other things in common, "They shed tears for the same purpose and laught at the same hollow laughter with the tips of their tongue. They all look the same in their black widow garment. The widows state emphatically that they are "The Subjugated people of the world with no hope and security!". They Face Societal restrictions and Maltreatment. 

Widowhood dehumanise and refuse the affected woman from high pedestal of respect advances from unreliable suitors. Yaremi is pestered by Olanade, Ayanwale and Lanwa, each boasting of his great ability to meet all of Yaremi's needs. Lanwa even tells Yaremi that he is entitled to Ajimobi's Human and Material property because he is Ajimobi's half-brother. The Worse of widowhood are devastating.

Loneliness and solitude

The widow suffers loneliness and solitude; She is alone, from dawn till dust, a castaway. Yaremi's case is especially pathetic because her children are now adults and they do not live in Kufi. Segi lives with her husband at Olode; Wura lives with her husband at Apon; Alani lives in Ibadan. Woye,her grandchild, whose company she enjoys, it soon taken from her. Thus, for Yaremi, Loneliness is a loyal comparison.

To Combat Loneliness, Yaremi Makes Woye, her grandchild,Her companion. She tells him stories and they sing together. She also reveal recalls her times with Ajumobi, both the good times and the seemingly bad moment. She recount his care, his love and his tenderness. She tends his often. She even dream about him.

Yaremi's Loneliness is hieghtened after her refusal to pick a cap at a cap-picking ceremony. The Villagers after the incident begins to avoid her. They are reluctant to share pleasanties with her. Alani her son that she has thought would stay back in Kufi and manage his father's property, announces to Yaremi's amazement that the is returning to the city.

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