Reaping Happiness

You can only find happiness when you have sincerely dedicated your life to the service of others in your society. Every individual has the right to pursue happiness. We need to cultivate the habit of helping others; it is what is inborn within every individual. It should be our innermost craving if we want to be happy. Every individual desires happiness but only a few know where to find it and these few are those who are ever ready to obey the will of God as concerning servicing others.

Every morning we need a big dose of sunshine medicine to brighten our day. We shall rise every morning with the declaration, "This is the day the lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it". Following this declaration, we must make a decision that each day of our lives will be a day of happiness.

We must keep in mind that happy people are successful people. "Happiness has a habit of pursuing the person who feels grateful, comfortable with his conscience, in favor with his friends, in love with his labors and in balance with his banker". Someone correctly stated, "The secret of happiness is learning to accept the impossible and bear the intolerable".

True happiness has always been discovered to be elusive in a secular and materialistic world. The secular person always looks up to events and activities that will entertain him, however, this will not bring long lasting peace. He forgets that happiness is not something you experience. On the other hand, the materialist always looks for the right possessions, forgetting that happiness is not something that can be bought or owned.

Happiness as we must understand is not yearning for the things that we feel will make us happy. We need to know that money cannot buy us happiness. It only prolongs our ultimate search in the right direction. We struggle most times trying to find that which seems to be so elusive. Many people find only monetary happiness in things and activities and subsequently deceive themselves into thinking that they have acquired their goal.

True happiness is an exclusive dream to the one who keeps himself busy with earthly diversions. The secularist must remember that happiness is not discovered in the things we want. Seneca once wrote, "If you would make a man happy , do not add to his possessions, but subtract from his desires". There are few suggestion here to begin one's road to a happy disposition of life. These simple keys will at least point one in the right direction to what is often an elusive goal for too many people; the goal of being happy.

Happiness Is A Habit People Develop:

We may find it difficult to understand that ninety-five percent of our behavior is simply a habit we develop subconsciously, that is why we do that which we have always done. In our lives, every individual needs a happy habit, therefore, we must develop a habit a habit of simply being happy. Norman Vincent Peale wrote, "The happiness habit is developed by simply practicing happy thinking. Make a mental list of happy thoughts and pass them through your mind several times every ".

The thought and desire to be happy is the very first step to becoming happy. Former President Abraham Lincoln once said, "Most folks are about as happy as they make up their mind to be". The truth is that we must first make up our mind to be happy and then sit ourselves to the task of accomplishing our set desire for happiness. This of course sounds too simple, but it is not. Happiness is planned, not accidental.

Most people can be happy in times when everything seems to be going right, or going their way. But this surface happiness is tied in the balance of life and found wanting when things go wrong. In the brochure, Attitudes Unlimited, which was written for exclusives of corporations in Dallas Texas, it stated, "People can smile when everything goes along smoothly… but the valiant one is that person who can still smile when adversities beset him from all directions".

Truly happy people have learned that happiness originates from that which is within, not from that which affects one from without. Once happy habits are developed from within, then our environment has little effect on our inner emotional and mental state of being. We must always remember that developing happiness habit comes from our inside work, regardless of our past or our present circumstances.

Happy People Focus On Good Works:

Our problem in life is that most times we look for, or do something that causes problems amongst us as we do our normal businesses. Human minds are made in such a way by God that naturally we do not remember bad experiences. We tend to remember great experiences with people, events that brought us happiness and joy. Our mind naturally suppresses bad experiences but focus on good experiences.

Our happiness today must not be determined by our past history of bad experiences. Our minds, the way we are made naturally, do not want us to determine our present state of mind by our past experiences. There is no way one can build a happy present state of mind over guilt of things in the past. Happiness depends on not worrying about tomorrow. True happiness is developed not externally controlled.

Once we mentally forecast bad times to come, we will unconsciously work towards our forecast. The opposite is also true. If we believe and anticipate that things will be better, sure enough they will be better. There us no reason whatsoever for us to ask for trouble when we don not have to be delivered a bag of troubled goods. Let us not for any reason allow life to dictate to us our mental state of mind. We can on our own choose to be happy. And we can only do so by focusing on good in order to determine our emotional destiny. Our present state of mind is our choice. Neither the environment nor people with whom we work can determine our happiness.
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