Cultivating Patience

In life, the personality characteristic with which all of us struggle is patience. A famous saying goes, "Patience is a minor form of despair, disguised as a virtue". Lack of being patient in all that we do or expect is the flaw we first see in ourselves and the one from which we reap a host of negatives in our relationships with others. To our self control, we need to add patience. With our human nature, we possibly needed more than addition to patience. We indeed, need multiplication. Impatience has ended in too much strife, heartaches, apologies for nonsense we have spoken, for which we have had to repent.

Patience is very necessary in establishing good relationships. If we discover that we are very impatient, then we must work on that to have a change. It is our responsibility to recognize areas of cause in order to deal with the effect of impatience.

Patience Leads to Violence

We blame others most times for our misfortune, forgetting that no matter how little patience we have with the mistakes of others, we always have lots of patience with our own. In our lives, how many of our friends have we forgiven for not performing as we think they should?

Goethe said, "Tolerance comes with age; I see no fault committed that I myself could not have committed at some time or other". We need to understand that in the way we judge, we will also be judged.

Patience consists of feeling and seeing things with your heart instead of your hands and eyes. In our relationship, we need to allow a tender heart to rule all our judgments. We need to free ourselves by allowing others to be themselves around us. It is only when we tender mercy to the faults of others by reflecting on our own imperfections, that patience will reign in our relationships.

Communication Gap Causes Impatience:

Lack of skills on how to carry on a discussion with another person causes us to assume things the other person does not have in his or her mind, or even intends to say. This is the result of our impatience that has been generated by a moment of temper or haste which causes us to blurt out something that was never in mind of one with whom we have presumed to be communicating. Think back, how many times have we beaten a friend or loved one before we understood the whole truth? How many times have we struck a blow with our tongue before we communicated?

Where We Need To Be Patient:

There are areas where we need to work on our patience, having identified some of the causes. In our lives some people have been discovered to have patience in particular areas of their lived wherein, others they have a great deal of problem with maintaining control of their person.

There are those who are patient in working for a personal goal, but impatient relating with those with whom they have to work in order to accomplish projected goals. We are always patient with our own work, but impatient with other people's work as far as such concerns us.

We need to work on our patience in all areas of our lives. We need to take the patience we have in one area of life and spread it over the totality of our behavior, especially when working with other people for increased productivity. When dealing with people in general, a lot of patience is needed.

Shakespeare message was right, "How poor are they who have not patience". Truly poverty in patience leads us to have poor relationships with others.
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