The Productive Character

It is a known fact that great countries are founded on the productive ingenuity of a godly and zealous people who always seek a better life as the common good of all citizens. Those who are assets to their communities are people who take the initiative to be productive in their relationship with others.

“The productive citizen of any community goes about doing good in every area of his life”. The characteristics of a productive citizen are as follows:
The productive citizen does good for his or her family,
The productive citizen does good when working in the garden and fields,
The productive citizen does good when working on a job for someone else,
The productive citizen seeks to do good as an employee of the government.
John Gimes once said, “The greatest waste in the world is the difference between what we are and what we could be”.

The productive citizen seeks to do good to others in every area of life so as to help develop the community economically and otherwise. It is the responsibility of everyone in any community of the world to be productive in order to make better societies in which people can live. The influence of a productive citizen motivates others to do the same, thereby improving the overall living condition of all citizens. When all citizens in any community strive to do good in serving others, then societies proper. The goal of every employee should be to make his or her employer successful. When this happens, the employee and others in turn benefit from the company for which he or she works.

As a guide to guaranteeing one’s job as an employee, one must make every effort to perform productively on the job as an employee.

God has given us principles by which we can be productive citizens in our community. Once we follow these principles, we play our part in developing the community to be a great place to live. It is therefore, very important to discover these principles in order to increase our productive attitude in our lives.

Be a Zealous Citizen

Zeal is the foundation upon which productivity is based. A productive person is zealous in his or her behavior. Zeal refers to the manner by which you do your job, be it for others or even government of the day. Again, zeal means accomplishing any assigned job the best you can, in the shorter possible time. There is a saying that goes “Whatever you do, do it heartily”.

Serving others begins by putting others first. If one is “kindly affectionate” toward others, he or she will fervently seek to serve others. This thought is a principles of the Christian’s holy book.

If our focus is on ourselves, then certainly we will not be fervent in spirit to reach out with service to others. The selfish person sees himself as the center of his existence. On the other hand, the selfless person who is full of brotherly love sees others first in all things. In putting his neighbor first in all things, he becomes a servant who seeks to serve others. And when he serves others, he is serving and pleasing God.

Take The Initiative.

Many people talk about doing good, whereas, others just do it. All those who seek to be leaders in their societies must be known for being people who do what they talk about doing. They must be people of action where they do what they say. No one ever could be a leader who do not have the self-initiative to do that which must be done. Again, the principle of self-initiative is thought in the Christian holy book.

The productive individual makes sure his performance in life matches his desire. He always speaks of great things to do. The productive man does what he says he will do. He initiates work without being told to work. Throughout history, true leaders take the initiative to do that which is right. They are known as people who take action. Their whole performance in life matches their desires to do great works.
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