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12 April 2019

Stepping Into Adventure

Stepping Into Adventure

As individual we deal with helping others and this will serve with helping the community in which we live. One is actually a good community person only when he or she has a good reputation of helping others to live a better life.

As a nation, we must seek leaders who have characteristics of good morals and ethical conducts. Many have claimed to be leaders, but have manifested wrong behaviors with their business dealings and the affairs of their community. It is for this very reason that we as citizens of our nation must focus on how we can influence positively for the good of those people around whom we live.

“The center of any community is the family.” Good families produce good citizens for every community. Men and women can live together in peace and harmony when families function according to basics principles that enhance family relationships.

In order to maintain peace and harmony in any society, therefore, nations must rise up to focus on producing better families. Since character development start from our individual homes, to build great families, husbands and wives and fathers and mothers must develop parental skills that leads to the establishment and maintenance of healthy family living.

Any nation that seek to be united on the foundation of morals living must first encourage the development of solid family structure within societies. Good people produce great nation.

A happy community exists when individual live together with one another in a peaceful relationship of neighborhood interaction. Those who believe in God should lead in being the best citizens in any community because of their skill to live in harmony with others. Learning personal skills in other to live in harmony with others will build great community.

Developing our character makes it possible for us to dwell peacefully with others. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every individual of the community to develop his or her personal characters in order to be a productive individual in the community and nation.

The devastating impact of HIV/AIDS for instance on our community is only a symptom of our collective failure of develop morals in our citizenry. HIV/AIDS manifest the very failure of the family that has the deteriorated into social chaos in many societies.

It is necessary, therefore, that we medically deal with the devastating effect of social diseases as HIV/AIDS. However, in order to be effective and successful with such social courses , the battle to save our community for social diseases must go beyond conducts and “self sex”.

The only true an abiding answers to social diseases are morals that are greater than man himself. These morals must be thought to and practiced by everyone in our community, starting with our families and our leaders.

“Nation building is only accomplished through character building.” We mist keep in mind that it is the responsibility of religion institution and schools of every nation throughout the world to train the mind of its citizenship. 

People must be trained to conduct themselves with good morals and ethical behavior in their relationships. It must always be the responsibility of the every society to focus the mind of every generation on principles that build nations.


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