Principles In Character Building

Principles In Character Building

Greatness is seen more in our character, that is why great leaders always base their behavior and decision on the power of moral principles. They are always ready to acknowledge and submit to a higher authority. Dictators do not and will never make this acknowledgement as a leader and that is why they most often seem harsh, dictatorial, selfish and tyrannical.

All great allow themselves to be dictated and controlled by the principles of one to whom they feel they must give account of their behavior. If not to man, then to God. It is for this very reason, the best leaders are those men and women who have a great faith in God and in all that they do as leaders. Their faith moves them to establish principles of good conduct in their lives.
God because of his love created humans, we must therefore assume that he alone has the right to define the best characteristics that should identify a good or well behaved person. He alone in this instance should be consulted for moral principles by which we must direct our lives. The following are some of the behavioral characteristics and principles that will aid us to be great leaders and personalities in our communities. Once we follow and abide in them, we will be an asset to our community and country at large.

Giving a Helping Hand

Since all mankind are on earth because of the power of God, we must then assume that God and only God has the right to give us standards by which all of us must relate with one another.
Good relationship usually are based on voluntarily doing good to one another.

A good person must be guided by the principles of doing good to all men. He or she must abound in doing every possible good work. Once one cultivates the habit of doing good to others he or she is sure of building a profitable relationship with many people in the society.

If you seek to continually help others, you will indeed encourage others to do same and in this way you will be leading and teaching others to reach out and help others.
Our character is shown by the relationships we establish with others through good works. Good relationships are based on the good deeds individuals do for one another. That is why great leaders always step forward and volunteer to do good works to the community. The only way, though very important for one to seek or desire to establish a good relationship with others is to do good to all.

It has been seen and acknowledged that cultures that are rich in character are those cultures that give birth to individual citizens who volunteer to help others. In all things, we must acknowledge the fact that humanitarianism is the practice of voluntarily reaching out to help others who are in dare need.

It is the responsibility of every culture of the world to strive very hard to be known for being humanitarian in nature. Any culture that falls short of this virtue, will not in any way be seen to be encouraging individual citizens to take an initiative to help others when the need arises, thereby, exposing their weakness in moral fiber. Its citizens become selfish and individualistic in character.

We must always learn to volunteer. If for any reason we do not, we will always be expecting others to help us. We must, therefore, change our thinking from reaching out for a handout to reaching out with a helping hand. Any cultural group or people that learns the spirit of voluntarism, in the vain learns the spirit of bonding together as one people or group.

Work With Wisdom

Wisdom generally is the ability to correctly use that which we know, of course we gain a great deal of our knowledge through persistent study. We must however, exercise wisdom in how we apply our knowledge in our daily lives. Great leaders like Solomon will always study to acquire knowledge. They will always pray to God in their infinite mercy should give then the wisdom to exercise their knowledge in proper manner.

We must always remember that the wisdom that comes from God is always true. It is for this very reason that we must seek the wisdom that come from God.

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