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12 April 2019

Molding Your Character

Molding Your Character

The responsibility of every good citizen of every nation of the world must be to strive to build a united nation of peace. This is so because “great nation are the result of dignified individuals who seek to dwell together in peaceful unity that is based on the moral integrity of all citizens nations are built the world over on the good character of individual of all citizens.

Therefore, it should be the responsibility of every citizen in a society to develop his or her character in order to develop a great nation. Again, it is the task of religious and civic leaders to challenge people to develop good moral character.

It is said and believed that “a good character is more valuable than silver and gold”. Our individual lives are built around our character. God characters produces good lives.

Unhealthy character produces many unfortunate consequences that eventually destroy lives. Therefore, we must work diligently to challenge one another to live the best lives we can. Those are based on good character and ethical principals.

We must do our very best to be productive citizens in our community. Once we follow good principles for character development, we are then sure to have a happy family and peaceful community that is based on moral and ethical principle that will influence others to emulate.

In other words, by having a positive influence on others, one becomes an exemplary and as astute leader in the community. We mist always keep in mind that our success in life will largely depend on how we relate to other people. The better we relate with others, the better we will succeed in life. Our character determine our futures.

When we developed our character, we can better live with families and friends. Good character development make it possible for us to live in harmony with our neighbors. Until, we learn and practice skills of how to relate with others, we will not succeed in life as a productive citizen of the community.

Integrity, Character and Conscience:

Men and women with good character know  and practice that which is right. God created us as good moral agents and everyone has a conscience. If we do not do that which is right for any reason, we hurt or violate our conscience. A good character that originate from a God trained conscience moves us to do right in order that we do not violate our conscience. To define and develop a good conscience that is based on eternal moral and ethical principles, we must look for moral and ethical principles that originate from God.

Every individual has developed in his or her life’s that which he or she considers to be right. However, character development is knowing and practicing correct principles by which we can determine what is good or bad.

We seek to do good according to what we believe is right we must always realize that we developed our conscience with good morals and ethical principles in order to guild ourselves to do what is right.

Practically, our character determine how we will respond to every situation in life. Our character, therefore, is manifested by our encounter with people and situations.

We need to understand that “good characters will make the best of bad situations, whereas bad character will often make the worst of good situation”.

Building Rules for Character Development:

Following past events, society throughout history has proved that it cannot develop moral and ethical standards by which people can conduct themselves in moral and ethical decency with one another. 

The immorality and genocides that continue to occur throughout the world today is evidence of this fact. AIDS, for instance is an evidence of the fact. Crime in general,  be it terrorism, kidnapping, child abuse, baby factories and many more are all evidences of the fact that humans are not able through their own will and laws to determine what is correct moral and ethical behavior. 

If humans in all honesty do establish good moral laws, they often cannot develop a conscience that motivates them to keep those laws, that is why today some societies are in one form of conflict or another. Therefore, we must always use and depend on divine principles as the foundation on which to develop and train our consciences.

God’s standards upon which good character are built have been time-tested and accepted as true and good by men of all ages. God is only the source from which good character principles can be discovered. Upon His principles, great characters are built. He created us and then created principles for abundant living.


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