Foundation of Faith

Many people in he course of trying to solve their problems wonder why there would be a discussion of faith as far as one’s life is concerned. This is the problem of the world in which we live.

There is no doubt that we live in a faithless world, a world that has allowed itself to be stripped of any standard for moral and ethical behavior. Supposing there is no God, then of course there will be no authority that exists outside our own moral inventions. President Vladimir Putin once said, “Nothing but religion can make human values known to people”.

If there is no eternal standard of moral an ethical authority outside ourselves, then we are on our own to develop moral and ethical standards by which to live.

The problem of this freedom to determine our moral and ethical standards is that humans are terrible inventors when it comes to determining what is either right or wrong.

The tendency is that we most times digress to inventing moral rules that appeal to our own desires. We must keep in mind that once we refuse to conduct our lives according to the precepts of our creator, then we are left as ships without anchors on a sea of social disorientation.

We need to understand and very clearly that developing character, establishing relationships, being productive individuals and of course being the best we can be, are life challenges that have limits when we have no personal religious faith. It is for this very reason that we will never be truly oriented in life unless we are oriented around our father in heaven.

Having God's consciousness in all that we do brings riches into our life and success into our challenge to develop as a person. Any course on life orientation that doesn’t focus on the religious yearning of human spirit has simply fails to be a complete course. As religious beings, if we refuse to recognize our religious nature, then we are ignoring the development of the total person. “Responsible citizenship and character building is based on the level of one’ sense of accountability he or she has towards divine authority”. This is why responsible government must at all times do their best by establishing laws that guarantee the religious freedom of its people.

The sure way to conduct our lives with dignity and self-control is when we realize that we will be held accountably then anarchy will exist in our personal Lives and in society in general. Everyone would do as he or she pleases because all have lost the sense of accountability in society. The result will be violating of the rights of our fellow man. A clear sense of accountability guarantee that we do not violate the human rights of others.

We must keep in mind that only by submitting to law shall there be true freedom. Citizens, who dwell in nations that are governed by the rule of law, always maintain a respect for the rights of one another. Human rights cannot exist in nations that are not governed by the rule of law. Rule y law is our guarantee for freedom.

God allows government to create civil laws so that we do not bring ourselves into the bondage of any man's twisted desires to steal our freedom. We are only set free by law. God seeks to guard us against ourselves. He wants to protect us from those who would bring us into bondage by their own selfish desires for power.

Once leaders refuse to recognize both civil law and the higher law of God, they by so doing destroy the freedom of individual citizens. God has in his infinite mercy established a higher rule of law for man for the overall good of mankind. By making God’s law the final rule of our personal lives, we are guaranteed freedom, even though the practices of man may bring us into captivity. National unity should always be based on a nation that is united under one God. It is for this reason therefore, that all men must develop a sense of responsibility to the will of God. This is the part religion plays in the development of great citizens and great nations. Once the citizens of nations do their best to respect the rule of higher laws in their lives, great nations are surely developed. It is by the feelings of a sense of accountability to God and of course a higher law than the civil law of the land. Again nations are unified only when the citizens unite together in honoring God their creator.

The truly God-fearing person will be the best citizen of any nation. He or she will be the best citizen simply because he or she sees an authority beyond national government. A truly God-fearing citizen behaves according to the laws of the land because he or she behaves according to the higher laws of God. It is inly when we realize that we will surely give account of our actions before God that we will behave honorably in our relationships with our fellow man. It is therefore, very important to understand some of the key moral and ethical principles that are a part of religious faith, and thus, in order to be complete as the must consider these fundamental principles of religion.

Once we obey and honor these principles, we will by so doing guard ourselves against unfortunate consequences that come as a result of violating these moral and ethical principles. If we violate these principles, then we must expect in turn to reap what we sow. It is for this very reason that every person must seriously look at righteous principles by which he or she can live life for the good of mankind.
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