Fact About Doubt

Fact About Doubt

We often doubt unknown information passed to us by friends or close family relations, particularly information we consider top secret for public consumption. We have the right to doubt. However, our response obligates us. We are obligated to search for a reason for our doubt. We must investigate, search, dig and study. We have no right whatsoever to doubt if we are not willing to study or investigate in an honest manner that which is doubted.

Our doubting is often too frivolous and uncalled for because we are too quick to doubt what one says particularly that which is new and not according to our traditional way of thought. We are thus too hard on ourselves. Our inability to change in order to incorporate new information into our thinking and behavior leads to us to be quick to be challenged by others who might question us.
When it comes to the subject of doubt, it is usually not a problem of doubt in what others say, but in ourselves. We burden ourselves with countless questions. We thus, reside in the dark room of self inflicted doubt. A doubter has a whole lot of territory to cover , the uncontrolled doubter is always a skeptic. He is skeptical of all that can not be identified by the five senses. As Christians, our questions should drive us to seek answers. The skeptic simply gives up on faith and is satisfied to live in a world of lingering questions. The fact remains that we all have some doubts. Sometimes we even doubt our own faith. There is nothing unnatural about doubting. The problem is not with doubting, it is however with our unwillingness to do as the Bereans. If doubt does not drive us to searching, then we are not honest with ourselves. If we doubt what someone has said, we a not fair to the one we doubt if we are unwilling to investigate that which is said. If we ever doubt our own beliefs, then we are not fair to ourselves if we do not search for answers.

Doubt that resides in a Lethargic mind has found a permanent residence. A doubter is one who is unable to accept anything. He is one who makes questing his hobby and therefore, never ready to accept even the truth from the Bible. We must as God’s children be vigilant about dealing with those that cause doubt.

Ignorance of the bible causes doubt. One’s ignorance of the Bible often results to our doubts about the truth contend in the holy book. Out of ignorance some often accused the Bible to be a book of fable, myths and contradictions. They draw these conclusions without carrying out an in-depth investigation of the text of the Bible is preserved in a way that will lead those who are searching to a knowledge of God and his salvation for man. People who are searching for their salvation know that it is only the Bible that is the answer for a heart of doubt.

Those who know little about the Bible have not studied it enough to understand that the Bible has come down to us through history in a manner that God has wanted it to come to us. If a copyist stumbled here and there over making copies of the text, God only allowed such to happen in order to test our faith in His word. We may blame a copyist of the Bible for not being perfect but we cannot blame God for allowing the copyist to do his work, regardless of his imperfections. We simply know that we have the Bible today in a  form that God intended that we have it m

Considering doubt’s of the contents of the bible, if we are honest to ourselves, we shall realize that one’s life style may make him prejudiced concerning judgments the bible makes about vs in in our lives. Doubt that is based on a rejection of Bible truths because of sin in our lives is not fair. It is a doubt that is generated by an act of rebellion towards our Creator.

At one point or another we often doubt our personal beliefs, particularly as it concerns our religious behavior, we of then question what we are doing. Obviously, if our doubts drive us to investigation, then we are on our way to a strong faith. However if our doubts remain unanswered, then our faith will often crash and burn. In that case, one becomes like the one about whom the saying goes to; “A skeptic is a man who has faith in nothing except in his own lack of faith”.
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