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13 April 2019

Dignified Character

Dignified character means the development and nurturing of our character in a manner that is being respected by others because of our being honest with people in the conduct of our lives. Similar in meaning to dignity is integrity is the state of being of a sound moral principle. ”it is indeed a character of uprightness, honesty and sincerity. The dignified person conducts himself with great integrity.

We need to understand that from our beliefs we give birth to our deeds, our deeds nurture our habits. From our habits we develop our character. It is then that our character determine our destiny.

As citizens of any given community, we must conduct ourselves with utmost honesty, diligence and integrity. These qualities are actually manifested through speech and behavior. All the above qualities refer to the dignity of a person. That should be the overall goal of a Christian. And the guiding principle for maintaining a dignified relationship with one's fellow citizen is. This is the only principle by which you must conduct your life if you seek a better life with others. By following this people will see you as a person of dignity in the community.

Developing of these principles should be the challenge of every person to discover skills of developing a dignified life of integrity. If we understand and apply each of these personality characteristics to our lives, we will Bethe dignified person God wants us to be. We will be the type of person our neighbors want us to be. And by developing and living by the principles of a dignified character, we will be received by all people with whom we associate ourselves, be it in our businesses or in our homes.


Charity begins at home as the saying goes, so it is with dignity which begins in one’s heart. In order to conduct ourselves with sincerity an dignity, we must begin with our inner beliefs. True dignity is the manifestation of integrity in one’s heart.

The dignified person serves others with sincerity of heart. When one for instance works as an employee, he or she sometimes has against the employer. And because of these grudges, employees sometimes steal things from their employers. This is not of course the behavior of a dignified person and it shouldn’t be for any reason.

Honesty, in fact, is showing fairness and above all sincerity toward one’s neighbor without lying, cheating or stealing. Serving an employer honestly and with sincerity of heart means that one makes every effort as an employee to make his employer successful. We must not behave like a man pleaser who does things with an insincere heart in order to accomplish a selfish goal. But the one who serves with every sincerity does his service from the heart in order to serve another.

Honorable people help others. A dignified person is honorable. He or she seeks honorable behavior with all people. Honor means submitting ourselves first to God in order to give him reverence, respect and service. In relation to our fellow man, it means submitting ourselves to the needs of others in order to give service to their needs. It is only when we give honorable respect to others, that we will be seen to serve them. We place ourselves in a position of honor when we show respect to others.

The dignified person behaves unselfishly with others. Corruption in government and society in general is a curse to the people. When corruption exists in any society, people do not deal honestly with one another. They deal selfishly in all matters of business and government in order to receive dishonest money and possessions for themselves. Corruption must be understood to destroy the moral fiber of any society. It does so simply because corrupt people always think of themselves when dealing with others. They are always thinking about what they can get out of their relationship with others. On the other hand, corrupt government officials work in the same manner. They seek to serve themselves. Greedy people will deal corruptly with others. They will always have themselves at heart and thus, will always seek to reach out and help others; they will always deal sacrificially with their neighbors. They will seek to give, but take.

The dignified person focuses on that which is good and true in others. People of integrity focus their minds and lives on those things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely and of good report. They do not for any reason focus on evil things and that which is of this world.

The dignified person controls his or her speech. Our speech at all times reveals to others our inward feelings and thoughts. If we ever have evil in our hearts, this evil will eventually be manifested by what we say or do. On the other hand, if we are good in our hearts, others will know the goodness of our hearts by the words of our mouth.

The dignified person respects the property and belongings of others. Whoever that steals from his or her neighbor does not respect others. The thief is always selfish and has no consideration for the hard work of others who labor with their own hands to acquire what he steals from them.


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