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12 April 2019

Correct Family Relationship

Correct Family Relationship

The testimony of a good father and mother is manifested in the lives of their children. God’s pattern for fathers and mothers is that they reach and demonstrate in their lives honorable ways of life for their sons and daughters to follow.

Through the father’s loving relationship with the mother of his children. He sets an example of how one should care for others. As the father demonstrates his love for his wife, he also demonstrates same to his children how they must behave toward their future wives.

The mother’s loving attitude and concern for her husband and children produces a home environment where happiness is guaranteed for future families.

Fathers must do their best in establishing correct family relationships. He gives an example of loving, understanding and tender care for the innocent. “Children with loving fathers grow up without being hard and harsh in their relationships with others. They always show respect for authority and the lives of others”.

As a provider for the family, the father gives an example for the sons as to how they are to take care of their future wives and families. He gives an example of how one is to assume the responsibility of caring for others in the society.

However, those who have not had the opportunity of growing up under the nurture and admonition of an earthly father must turn to our heavenly Father for direction.

We must keep in mind that the relationship that our heavenly Father has maintained with his people throughout history is the best example of how early fathers are to relate to their children.

A good and loving mother should establish an example of how one should be a keeper of the home. It is God's plan from creation that the mother be the keeper of the home for the sake of preventing society with children who believe that the home is a precious institution.

It is therefore, the responsibility of the mother to maintain the home after the principles of Divine institution. Her very example of godly living establishes a pattern that is to be followed by the children. Once we become a believer in God, it is our duty to discover God’s principles by which one can be a great father or mother in Christ.

God’s principles for happy families have been taught by believers in God throughout the world and throughout the centuries. All religious faiths have agreed on the fundamental principles for family development.

Many of these principles have been recorded in the holy book the “Bible” for thousands of years. So many young men and women have grown up under the direction of these noble principles and have become great fathers and mothers of all ages.

Here then are some important principles for family direction or living that have been around for centuries. These are things responsible parents must give their children in a healthy family environment.

Give a Child a Disciplined Life

Any disciplined child disciplines himself in life. Discipline is very necessary in the home in order to develop the type of person that will be a responsible person in society. A father who do not discipline their children do not love them.

We love God because he corrects us when we do wrong. His discipline in our lives is evidence that he loves us. God deals with us as we should deal with our children. God’s discipline of us creates in us characters of self-discipline. This is why children must be disciplined whenever they do wrong.

Parents should accept the responsibility of taking care of their children, while their children are in their home. It is the duty of the parents to care for the needs of the children. Parents mist not only care for the physical needs of their children, but also for their spiritual needs.

Parents have a great responsibility of setting an example for their children to follow. When children grow up in a home that is conducted after the principles of God, then good citizens are trained for society. However, when a home are given insufficient or erroneous examples for family conduct. Broken homes destroy nations.

Many people today in the world have come from broken homes. However, coming from a broken home is not an excuse for one to refuse to live according to God’s principles for the home. Everyone can and should learn family skills that will produce great families for society.

It should be the goal of every young person to learn these skills. By learning them, we can be sure of being on our way to developing a happy family for the future and a stable society for nation building.


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