Character In Children

We must always realize that families are God-created institutions. It is in the family that children while they grow up learn God's principle and personality skills by which they can live in society. It is also in the family that children if property trained in the was of our lord develop their in the important therefore, that parents take special Care in teaching their children relationship and behavior skills that are based on sound moral and ethical principles.

On the other hand it is the duty of the children to maintain an obedient relationship with their parents in other they learn as possible from their parent bearing in mind that children bringing honor to their families by their disobedience conduct in the community. Children with noble characters learn from the example introduction and teaching of their parents in order to be good citizen in society and nation at large.

Being an orphan in an aspect may as first present some challenges as to how one can be the best father or mother he or she can be. However, be learning the principles of God that relate to being a good parents, anyone who is ready to learn can successfully apply their principles for building a good family.


Children as a far as God is concerned “must” respect their parents for who they are. Disobedient children bring shame upon the name of the family. The life of disobedient children is usually not pleasant. It will not be pleasant simply because one's attitude towards his or her parents will be his or her attitude towards authority in the world. The prisons all over the world are full of people who did not honor their parents.

Submissive Character

Children who are disobedient to their parents manifest a spirit of submission. “One cannot to be faithful to God and at the same time be disobedient to his or her parents”. Children learn how to establish and maintain guidelines in their lives through their disobedience of their parents.
Young people who are disobedient to their parents manifest their honor of their parents.

Be Humble

The beauty of humility is that others are drawn to humble people. People keep their distance to hostile. People usually seek to be in the presence of the humble. Note that humble people produce humble children and also an environment in the home where the minds of children are open for instructions.

Humility is recognizing the fact that one never has all the answers for every situation in life. It is developing one’s life around other and God, rather than one’s life. Great men realize their weaknesses, and then compensate for their weaknesses by relying on the counsel of others. Those who think too much of themselves doesn’t think enough. When one grows in to adulthood, he she should not loose the spirit of humility. The obvious reason for this is that one who is proud and arrogant will never accept the instructions of others simply because he or she has never learned how to submit the will of others. Following the counsel of our parents shows that we seek to do right. It shows that we continually respect our parents.
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