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19 April 2019

Fact About Doubt

Fact About Doubt

We often doubt unknown information passed to us by friends or close family relations, particularly information we consider top secret for public consumption. We have the right to doubt. However, our response obligates us. We are obligated to search for a reason for our doubt. We must investigate, search, dig and study. We have no right whatsoever to doubt if we are not willing to study or investigate in an honest manner that which is doubted.

Our doubting is often too frivolous and uncalled for because we are too quick to doubt what one says particularly that which is new and not according to our traditional way of thought. We are thus too hard on ourselves. Our inability to change in order to incorporate new information into our thinking and behavior leads to us to be quick to be challenged by others who might question us.
When it comes to the subject of doubt, it is usually not a problem of doubt in what others say, but in ourselves. We burden ourselves with countless questions. We thus, reside in the dark room of self inflicted doubt. A doubter has a whole lot of territory to cover , the uncontrolled doubter is always a skeptic. He is skeptical of all that can not be identified by the five senses. As Christians, our questions should drive us to seek answers. The skeptic simply gives up on faith and is satisfied to live in a world of lingering questions. The fact remains that we all have some doubts. Sometimes we even doubt our own faith. There is nothing unnatural about doubting. The problem is not with doubting, it is however with our unwillingness to do as the Bereans. If doubt does not drive us to searching, then we are not honest with ourselves. If we doubt what someone has said, we a not fair to the one we doubt if we are unwilling to investigate that which is said. If we ever doubt our own beliefs, then we are not fair to ourselves if we do not search for answers.

Doubt that resides in a Lethargic mind has found a permanent residence. A doubter is one who is unable to accept anything. He is one who makes questing his hobby and therefore, never ready to accept even the truth from the Bible. We must as God’s children be vigilant about dealing with those that cause doubt.

Ignorance of the bible causes doubt. One’s ignorance of the Bible often results to our doubts about the truth contend in the holy book. Out of ignorance some often accused the Bible to be a book of fable, myths and contradictions. They draw these conclusions without carrying out an in-depth investigation of the text of the Bible is preserved in a way that will lead those who are searching to a knowledge of God and his salvation for man. People who are searching for their salvation know that it is only the Bible that is the answer for a heart of doubt.

Those who know little about the Bible have not studied it enough to understand that the Bible has come down to us through history in a manner that God has wanted it to come to us. If a copyist stumbled here and there over making copies of the text, God only allowed such to happen in order to test our faith in His word. We may blame a copyist of the Bible for not being perfect but we cannot blame God for allowing the copyist to do his work, regardless of his imperfections. We simply know that we have the Bible today in a  form that God intended that we have it m

Considering doubt’s of the contents of the bible, if we are honest to ourselves, we shall realize that one’s life style may make him prejudiced concerning judgments the bible makes about vs in in our lives. Doubt that is based on a rejection of Bible truths because of sin in our lives is not fair. It is a doubt that is generated by an act of rebellion towards our Creator.

At one point or another we often doubt our personal beliefs, particularly as it concerns our religious behavior, we of then question what we are doing. Obviously, if our doubts drive us to investigation, then we are on our way to a strong faith. However if our doubts remain unanswered, then our faith will often crash and burn. In that case, one becomes like the one about whom the saying goes to; “A skeptic is a man who has faith in nothing except in his own lack of faith”.

Foundation of Faith

Foundation of Faith

Many people in he course of trying to solve their problems wonder why there would be a discussion of faith as far as one’s life is concerned. This is the problem of the world in which we live.

There is no doubt that we live in a faithless world, a world that has allowed itself to be stripped of any standard for moral and ethical behavior. Supposing there is no God, then of course there will be no authority that exists outside our own moral inventions. President Vladimir Putin once said, “Nothing but religion can make human values known to people”.

If there is no eternal standard of moral an ethical authority outside ourselves, then we are on our own to develop moral and ethical standards by which to live.

The problem of this freedom to determine our moral and ethical standards is that humans are terrible inventors when it comes to determining what is either right or wrong.

The tendency is that we most times digress to inventing moral rules that appeal to our own desires. We must keep in mind that once we refuse to conduct our lives according to the precepts of our creator, then we are left as ships without anchors on a sea of social disorientation.

We need to understand and very clearly that developing character, establishing relationships, being productive individuals and of course being the best we can be, are life challenges that have limits when we have no personal religious faith. It is for this very reason that we will never be truly oriented in life unless we are oriented around our father in heaven.

Having God's consciousness in all that we do brings riches into our life and success into our challenge to develop as a person. Any course on life orientation that doesn’t focus on the religious yearning of human spirit has simply fails to be a complete course. As religious beings, if we refuse to recognize our religious nature, then we are ignoring the development of the total person. “Responsible citizenship and character building is based on the level of one’ sense of accountability he or she has towards divine authority”. This is why responsible government must at all times do their best by establishing laws that guarantee the religious freedom of its people.

The sure way to conduct our lives with dignity and self-control is when we realize that we will be held accountably then anarchy will exist in our personal Lives and in society in general. Everyone would do as he or she pleases because all have lost the sense of accountability in society. The result will be violating of the rights of our fellow man. A clear sense of accountability guarantee that we do not violate the human rights of others.

We must keep in mind that only by submitting to law shall there be true freedom. Citizens, who dwell in nations that are governed by the rule of law, always maintain a respect for the rights of one another. Human rights cannot exist in nations that are not governed by the rule of law. Rule y law is our guarantee for freedom.

God allows government to create civil laws so that we do not bring ourselves into the bondage of any man's twisted desires to steal our freedom. We are only set free by law. God seeks to guard us against ourselves. He wants to protect us from those who would bring us into bondage by their own selfish desires for power.

Once leaders refuse to recognize both civil law and the higher law of God, they by so doing destroy the freedom of individual citizens. God has in his infinite mercy established a higher rule of law for man for the overall good of mankind. By making God’s law the final rule of our personal lives, we are guaranteed freedom, even though the practices of man may bring us into captivity. National unity should always be based on a nation that is united under one God. It is for this reason therefore, that all men must develop a sense of responsibility to the will of God. This is the part religion plays in the development of great citizens and great nations. Once the citizens of nations do their best to respect the rule of higher laws in their lives, great nations are surely developed. It is by the feelings of a sense of accountability to God and of course a higher law than the civil law of the land. Again nations are unified only when the citizens unite together in honoring God their creator.

The truly God-fearing person will be the best citizen of any nation. He or she will be the best citizen simply because he or she sees an authority beyond national government. A truly God-fearing citizen behaves according to the laws of the land because he or she behaves according to the higher laws of God. It is inly when we realize that we will surely give account of our actions before God that we will behave honorably in our relationships with our fellow man. It is therefore, very important to understand some of the key moral and ethical principles that are a part of religious faith, and thus, in order to be complete as the must consider these fundamental principles of religion.

Once we obey and honor these principles, we will by so doing guard ourselves against unfortunate consequences that come as a result of violating these moral and ethical principles. If we violate these principles, then we must expect in turn to reap what we sow. It is for this very reason that every person must seriously look at righteous principles by which he or she can live life for the good of mankind.

16 April 2019

Principles In Character Building

Principles In Character Building

Greatness is seen more in our character, that is why great leaders always base their behavior and decision on the power of moral principles. They are always ready to acknowledge and submit to a higher authority. Dictators do not and will never make this acknowledgement as a leader and that is why they most often seem harsh, dictatorial, selfish and tyrannical.

All great allow themselves to be dictated and controlled by the principles of one to whom they feel they must give account of their behavior. If not to man, then to God. It is for this very reason, the best leaders are those men and women who have a great faith in God and in all that they do as leaders. Their faith moves them to establish principles of good conduct in their lives.
God because of his love created humans, we must therefore assume that he alone has the right to define the best characteristics that should identify a good or well behaved person. He alone in this instance should be consulted for moral principles by which we must direct our lives. The following are some of the behavioral characteristics and principles that will aid us to be great leaders and personalities in our communities. Once we follow and abide in them, we will be an asset to our community and country at large.

Giving a Helping Hand

Since all mankind are on earth because of the power of God, we must then assume that God and only God has the right to give us standards by which all of us must relate with one another.
Good relationship usually are based on voluntarily doing good to one another.

A good person must be guided by the principles of doing good to all men. He or she must abound in doing every possible good work. Once one cultivates the habit of doing good to others he or she is sure of building a profitable relationship with many people in the society.

If you seek to continually help others, you will indeed encourage others to do same and in this way you will be leading and teaching others to reach out and help others.
Our character is shown by the relationships we establish with others through good works. Good relationships are based on the good deeds individuals do for one another. That is why great leaders always step forward and volunteer to do good works to the community. The only way, though very important for one to seek or desire to establish a good relationship with others is to do good to all.

It has been seen and acknowledged that cultures that are rich in character are those cultures that give birth to individual citizens who volunteer to help others. In all things, we must acknowledge the fact that humanitarianism is the practice of voluntarily reaching out to help others who are in dare need.

It is the responsibility of every culture of the world to strive very hard to be known for being humanitarian in nature. Any culture that falls short of this virtue, will not in any way be seen to be encouraging individual citizens to take an initiative to help others when the need arises, thereby, exposing their weakness in moral fiber. Its citizens become selfish and individualistic in character.

We must always learn to volunteer. If for any reason we do not, we will always be expecting others to help us. We must, therefore, change our thinking from reaching out for a handout to reaching out with a helping hand. Any cultural group or people that learns the spirit of voluntarism, in the vain learns the spirit of bonding together as one people or group.

Work With Wisdom

Wisdom generally is the ability to correctly use that which we know, of course we gain a great deal of our knowledge through persistent study. We must however, exercise wisdom in how we apply our knowledge in our daily lives. Great leaders like Solomon will always study to acquire knowledge. They will always pray to God in their infinite mercy should give then the wisdom to exercise their knowledge in proper manner.

We must always remember that the wisdom that comes from God is always true. It is for this very reason that we must seek the wisdom that come from God.


15 April 2019

The Productive Character

The Productive Character

It is a known fact that great countries are founded on the productive ingenuity of a godly and zealous people who always seek a better life as the common good of all citizens. Those who are assets to their communities are people who take the initiative to be productive in their relationship with others.

“The productive citizen of any community goes about doing good in every area of his life”. The characteristics of a productive citizen are as follows:
The productive citizen does good for his or her family,
The productive citizen does good when working in the garden and fields,
The productive citizen does good when working on a job for someone else,
The productive citizen seeks to do good as an employee of the government.
John Gimes once said, “The greatest waste in the world is the difference between what we are and what we could be”.

The productive citizen seeks to do good to others in every area of life so as to help develop the community economically and otherwise. It is the responsibility of everyone in any community of the world to be productive in order to make better societies in which people can live. The influence of a productive citizen motivates others to do the same, thereby improving the overall living condition of all citizens. When all citizens in any community strive to do good in serving others, then societies proper. The goal of every employee should be to make his or her employer successful. When this happens, the employee and others in turn benefit from the company for which he or she works.

As a guide to guaranteeing one’s job as an employee, one must make every effort to perform productively on the job as an employee.

God has given us principles by which we can be productive citizens in our community. Once we follow these principles, we play our part in developing the community to be a great place to live. It is therefore, very important to discover these principles in order to increase our productive attitude in our lives.

Be a Zealous Citizen

Zeal is the foundation upon which productivity is based. A productive person is zealous in his or her behavior. Zeal refers to the manner by which you do your job, be it for others or even government of the day. Again, zeal means accomplishing any assigned job the best you can, in the shorter possible time. There is a saying that goes “Whatever you do, do it heartily”.

Serving others begins by putting others first. If one is “kindly affectionate” toward others, he or she will fervently seek to serve others. This thought is a principles of the Christian’s holy book.

If our focus is on ourselves, then certainly we will not be fervent in spirit to reach out with service to others. The selfish person sees himself as the center of his existence. On the other hand, the selfless person who is full of brotherly love sees others first in all things. In putting his neighbor first in all things, he becomes a servant who seeks to serve others. And when he serves others, he is serving and pleasing God.

Take The Initiative.

Many people talk about doing good, whereas, others just do it. All those who seek to be leaders in their societies must be known for being people who do what they talk about doing. They must be people of action where they do what they say. No one ever could be a leader who do not have the self-initiative to do that which must be done. Again, the principle of self-initiative is thought in the Christian holy book.

The productive individual makes sure his performance in life matches his desire. He always speaks of great things to do. The productive man does what he says he will do. He initiates work without being told to work. Throughout history, true leaders take the initiative to do that which is right. They are known as people who take action. Their whole performance in life matches their desires to do great works.

13 April 2019

Dignified Character

Dignified character means the development and nurturing of our character in a manner that is being respected by others because of our being honest with people in the conduct of our lives. Similar in meaning to dignity is integrity is the state of being of a sound moral principle. ”it is indeed a character of uprightness, honesty and sincerity. The dignified person conducts himself with great integrity.

We need to understand that from our beliefs we give birth to our deeds, our deeds nurture our habits. From our habits we develop our character. It is then that our character determine our destiny.

As citizens of any given community, we must conduct ourselves with utmost honesty, diligence and integrity. These qualities are actually manifested through speech and behavior. All the above qualities refer to the dignity of a person. That should be the overall goal of a Christian. And the guiding principle for maintaining a dignified relationship with one's fellow citizen is. This is the only principle by which you must conduct your life if you seek a better life with others. By following this people will see you as a person of dignity in the community.

Developing of these principles should be the challenge of every person to discover skills of developing a dignified life of integrity. If we understand and apply each of these personality characteristics to our lives, we will Bethe dignified person God wants us to be. We will be the type of person our neighbors want us to be. And by developing and living by the principles of a dignified character, we will be received by all people with whom we associate ourselves, be it in our businesses or in our homes.


Charity begins at home as the saying goes, so it is with dignity which begins in one’s heart. In order to conduct ourselves with sincerity an dignity, we must begin with our inner beliefs. True dignity is the manifestation of integrity in one’s heart.

The dignified person serves others with sincerity of heart. When one for instance works as an employee, he or she sometimes has against the employer. And because of these grudges, employees sometimes steal things from their employers. This is not of course the behavior of a dignified person and it shouldn’t be for any reason.

Honesty, in fact, is showing fairness and above all sincerity toward one’s neighbor without lying, cheating or stealing. Serving an employer honestly and with sincerity of heart means that one makes every effort as an employee to make his employer successful. We must not behave like a man pleaser who does things with an insincere heart in order to accomplish a selfish goal. But the one who serves with every sincerity does his service from the heart in order to serve another.

Honorable people help others. A dignified person is honorable. He or she seeks honorable behavior with all people. Honor means submitting ourselves first to God in order to give him reverence, respect and service. In relation to our fellow man, it means submitting ourselves to the needs of others in order to give service to their needs. It is only when we give honorable respect to others, that we will be seen to serve them. We place ourselves in a position of honor when we show respect to others.

The dignified person behaves unselfishly with others. Corruption in government and society in general is a curse to the people. When corruption exists in any society, people do not deal honestly with one another. They deal selfishly in all matters of business and government in order to receive dishonest money and possessions for themselves. Corruption must be understood to destroy the moral fiber of any society. It does so simply because corrupt people always think of themselves when dealing with others. They are always thinking about what they can get out of their relationship with others. On the other hand, corrupt government officials work in the same manner. They seek to serve themselves. Greedy people will deal corruptly with others. They will always have themselves at heart and thus, will always seek to reach out and help others; they will always deal sacrificially with their neighbors. They will seek to give, but take.

The dignified person focuses on that which is good and true in others. People of integrity focus their minds and lives on those things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely and of good report. They do not for any reason focus on evil things and that which is of this world.

The dignified person controls his or her speech. Our speech at all times reveals to others our inward feelings and thoughts. If we ever have evil in our hearts, this evil will eventually be manifested by what we say or do. On the other hand, if we are good in our hearts, others will know the goodness of our hearts by the words of our mouth.

The dignified person respects the property and belongings of others. Whoever that steals from his or her neighbor does not respect others. The thief is always selfish and has no consideration for the hard work of others who labor with their own hands to acquire what he steals from them.

12 April 2019

Character In Children

Character In Children

We must always realize that families are God-created institutions. It is in the family that children while they grow up learn God's principle and personality skills by which they can live in society. It is also in the family that children if property trained in the was of our lord develop their in the important therefore, that parents take special Care in teaching their children relationship and behavior skills that are based on sound moral and ethical principles.

On the other hand it is the duty of the children to maintain an obedient relationship with their parents in other they learn as possible from their parent bearing in mind that children bringing honor to their families by their disobedience conduct in the community. Children with noble characters learn from the example introduction and teaching of their parents in order to be good citizen in society and nation at large.

Being an orphan in an aspect may as first present some challenges as to how one can be the best father or mother he or she can be. However, be learning the principles of God that relate to being a good parents, anyone who is ready to learn can successfully apply their principles for building a good family.


Children as a far as God is concerned “must” respect their parents for who they are. Disobedient children bring shame upon the name of the family. The life of disobedient children is usually not pleasant. It will not be pleasant simply because one's attitude towards his or her parents will be his or her attitude towards authority in the world. The prisons all over the world are full of people who did not honor their parents.

Submissive Character

Children who are disobedient to their parents manifest a spirit of submission. “One cannot to be faithful to God and at the same time be disobedient to his or her parents”. Children learn how to establish and maintain guidelines in their lives through their disobedience of their parents.
Young people who are disobedient to their parents manifest their honor of their parents.

Be Humble

The beauty of humility is that others are drawn to humble people. People keep their distance to hostile. People usually seek to be in the presence of the humble. Note that humble people produce humble children and also an environment in the home where the minds of children are open for instructions.

Humility is recognizing the fact that one never has all the answers for every situation in life. It is developing one’s life around other and God, rather than one’s life. Great men realize their weaknesses, and then compensate for their weaknesses by relying on the counsel of others. Those who think too much of themselves doesn’t think enough. When one grows in to adulthood, he she should not loose the spirit of humility. The obvious reason for this is that one who is proud and arrogant will never accept the instructions of others simply because he or she has never learned how to submit the will of others. Following the counsel of our parents shows that we seek to do right. It shows that we continually respect our parents.

Correct Family Relationship

Correct Family Relationship

The testimony of a good father and mother is manifested in the lives of their children. God’s pattern for fathers and mothers is that they reach and demonstrate in their lives honorable ways of life for their sons and daughters to follow.

Through the father’s loving relationship with the mother of his children. He sets an example of how one should care for others. As the father demonstrates his love for his wife, he also demonstrates same to his children how they must behave toward their future wives.

The mother’s loving attitude and concern for her husband and children produces a home environment where happiness is guaranteed for future families.

Fathers must do their best in establishing correct family relationships. He gives an example of loving, understanding and tender care for the innocent. “Children with loving fathers grow up without being hard and harsh in their relationships with others. They always show respect for authority and the lives of others”.

As a provider for the family, the father gives an example for the sons as to how they are to take care of their future wives and families. He gives an example of how one is to assume the responsibility of caring for others in the society.

However, those who have not had the opportunity of growing up under the nurture and admonition of an earthly father must turn to our heavenly Father for direction.

We must keep in mind that the relationship that our heavenly Father has maintained with his people throughout history is the best example of how early fathers are to relate to their children.

A good and loving mother should establish an example of how one should be a keeper of the home. It is God's plan from creation that the mother be the keeper of the home for the sake of preventing society with children who believe that the home is a precious institution.

It is therefore, the responsibility of the mother to maintain the home after the principles of Divine institution. Her very example of godly living establishes a pattern that is to be followed by the children. Once we become a believer in God, it is our duty to discover God’s principles by which one can be a great father or mother in Christ.

God’s principles for happy families have been taught by believers in God throughout the world and throughout the centuries. All religious faiths have agreed on the fundamental principles for family development.

Many of these principles have been recorded in the holy book the “Bible” for thousands of years. So many young men and women have grown up under the direction of these noble principles and have become great fathers and mothers of all ages.

Here then are some important principles for family direction or living that have been around for centuries. These are things responsible parents must give their children in a healthy family environment.

Give a Child a Disciplined Life

Any disciplined child disciplines himself in life. Discipline is very necessary in the home in order to develop the type of person that will be a responsible person in society. A father who do not discipline their children do not love them.

We love God because he corrects us when we do wrong. His discipline in our lives is evidence that he loves us. God deals with us as we should deal with our children. God’s discipline of us creates in us characters of self-discipline. This is why children must be disciplined whenever they do wrong.

Parents should accept the responsibility of taking care of their children, while their children are in their home. It is the duty of the parents to care for the needs of the children. Parents mist not only care for the physical needs of their children, but also for their spiritual needs.

Parents have a great responsibility of setting an example for their children to follow. When children grow up in a home that is conducted after the principles of God, then good citizens are trained for society. However, when a home are given insufficient or erroneous examples for family conduct. Broken homes destroy nations.

Many people today in the world have come from broken homes. However, coming from a broken home is not an excuse for one to refuse to live according to God’s principles for the home. Everyone can and should learn family skills that will produce great families for society.

It should be the goal of every young person to learn these skills. By learning them, we can be sure of being on our way to developing a happy family for the future and a stable society for nation building.

Molding Your Character

Molding Your Character

The responsibility of every good citizen of every nation of the world must be to strive to build a united nation of peace. This is so because “great nation are the result of dignified individuals who seek to dwell together in peaceful unity that is based on the moral integrity of all citizens nations are built the world over on the good character of individual of all citizens.

Therefore, it should be the responsibility of every citizen in a society to develop his or her character in order to develop a great nation. Again, it is the task of religious and civic leaders to challenge people to develop good moral character.

It is said and believed that “a good character is more valuable than silver and gold”. Our individual lives are built around our character. God characters produces good lives.

Unhealthy character produces many unfortunate consequences that eventually destroy lives. Therefore, we must work diligently to challenge one another to live the best lives we can. Those are based on good character and ethical principals.

We must do our very best to be productive citizens in our community. Once we follow good principles for character development, we are then sure to have a happy family and peaceful community that is based on moral and ethical principle that will influence others to emulate.

In other words, by having a positive influence on others, one becomes an exemplary and as astute leader in the community. We mist always keep in mind that our success in life will largely depend on how we relate to other people. The better we relate with others, the better we will succeed in life. Our character determine our futures.

When we developed our character, we can better live with families and friends. Good character development make it possible for us to live in harmony with our neighbors. Until, we learn and practice skills of how to relate with others, we will not succeed in life as a productive citizen of the community.

Integrity, Character and Conscience:

Men and women with good character know  and practice that which is right. God created us as good moral agents and everyone has a conscience. If we do not do that which is right for any reason, we hurt or violate our conscience. A good character that originate from a God trained conscience moves us to do right in order that we do not violate our conscience. To define and develop a good conscience that is based on eternal moral and ethical principles, we must look for moral and ethical principles that originate from God.

Every individual has developed in his or her life’s that which he or she considers to be right. However, character development is knowing and practicing correct principles by which we can determine what is good or bad.

We seek to do good according to what we believe is right we must always realize that we developed our conscience with good morals and ethical principles in order to guild ourselves to do what is right.

Practically, our character determine how we will respond to every situation in life. Our character, therefore, is manifested by our encounter with people and situations.

We need to understand that “good characters will make the best of bad situations, whereas bad character will often make the worst of good situation”.

Building Rules for Character Development:

Following past events, society throughout history has proved that it cannot develop moral and ethical standards by which people can conduct themselves in moral and ethical decency with one another. 

The immorality and genocides that continue to occur throughout the world today is evidence of this fact. AIDS, for instance is an evidence of the fact. Crime in general,  be it terrorism, kidnapping, child abuse, baby factories and many more are all evidences of the fact that humans are not able through their own will and laws to determine what is correct moral and ethical behavior. 

If humans in all honesty do establish good moral laws, they often cannot develop a conscience that motivates them to keep those laws, that is why today some societies are in one form of conflict or another. Therefore, we must always use and depend on divine principles as the foundation on which to develop and train our consciences.

God’s standards upon which good character are built have been time-tested and accepted as true and good by men of all ages. God is only the source from which good character principles can be discovered. Upon His principles, great characters are built. He created us and then created principles for abundant living.

Stepping Into Adventure

Stepping Into Adventure

As individual we deal with helping others and this will serve with helping the community in which we live. One is actually a good community person only when he or she has a good reputation of helping others to live a better life.

As a nation, we must seek leaders who have characteristics of good morals and ethical conducts. Many have claimed to be leaders, but have manifested wrong behaviors with their business dealings and the affairs of their community. It is for this very reason that we as citizens of our nation must focus on how we can influence positively for the good of those people around whom we live.

“The center of any community is the family.” Good families produce good citizens for every community. Men and women can live together in peace and harmony when families function according to basics principles that enhance family relationships.

In order to maintain peace and harmony in any society, therefore, nations must rise up to focus on producing better families. Since character development start from our individual homes, to build great families, husbands and wives and fathers and mothers must develop parental skills that leads to the establishment and maintenance of healthy family living.

Any nation that seek to be united on the foundation of morals living must first encourage the development of solid family structure within societies. Good people produce great nation.

A happy community exists when individual live together with one another in a peaceful relationship of neighborhood interaction. Those who believe in God should lead in being the best citizens in any community because of their skill to live in harmony with others. Learning personal skills in other to live in harmony with others will build great community.

Developing our character makes it possible for us to dwell peacefully with others. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every individual of the community to develop his or her personal characters in order to be a productive individual in the community and nation.

The devastating impact of HIV/AIDS for instance on our community is only a symptom of our collective failure of develop morals in our citizenry. HIV/AIDS manifest the very failure of the family that has the deteriorated into social chaos in many societies.

It is necessary, therefore, that we medically deal with the devastating effect of social diseases as HIV/AIDS. However, in order to be effective and successful with such social courses , the battle to save our community for social diseases must go beyond conducts and “self sex”.

The only true an abiding answers to social diseases are morals that are greater than man himself. These morals must be thought to and practiced by everyone in our community, starting with our families and our leaders.

“Nation building is only accomplished through character building.” We mist keep in mind that it is the responsibility of religion institution and schools of every nation throughout the world to train the mind of its citizenship. 

People must be trained to conduct themselves with good morals and ethical behavior in their relationships. It must always be the responsibility of the every society to focus the mind of every generation on principles that build nations.
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