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Download JAMB UTME Brochure 2020/2021 Latest version

Download JAMB UTME Brochure 2020/2021 Latest version System (JAMB IBASS) for Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination, UTME and Direct Entry Students [2020] download or view online.

Download JAMB UTME, DE Interactive e-Syllables, e-Brochure Application [IBASS] is available for download.
Download JAMB UTME, DE Interactive e-Syllables, e-Brochure  for download

The Interactive Brochure and Syllabus Program (JAMB IBASS) provides candidates with the various admission criteria that their prospective tertiary institutions need from them.

The JAMB Interactive Brochure and Syllabus System (JAMB IBASS) is accessible to all candidates online via the link>>>http:/ibass.jamb.gov.ng/.

  1. To Download the Full JAMB UTME & DE e-Brochure in PDF click here.
  2. To Download the Full JAMB UTME e-Syllables in PDF click here.

Download JAMB UTME Brochure 2020/2021 Latest version

JAMB digital brochure is so simple to use in the sense of going straight to the information you need and printing it out if necessary. To access the online JAMB brochure all you have to do is click any of the links below:

Download JAMB UTME Brochure 2020/2021 Latest version Download JAMB UTME Brochure 2020/2021 Latest version Reviewed by Techysport on 6/04/2020 Rating: 5

Download Spotify Premium Latest Version Free APK For Android

Hello, Freinds today in this article I am here to show you how to install and Download Spotify Premium APK For Free. Yes, You heard right we are going to Install Spotify Premium APK on any android devices. The best part of this thing is that you will not get banned or something messy.

Download Spotify Premium Latest Version Free APK For Android
Download Spotify Premium  Free APK

spotify premium apk
download spotify premium apk free
spotify premium offline apk modd
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Download Spotify Premium Free APK  Latest Version For Android

Spotify is a music, podcast, and video streaming service released officially on 7 October 2008. In this post, we decided to address Spotify App, which is one of the most commonly used and best music streaming applications for Android and iOS available.
We provide Offline mode for Spotify 's latest Mod 2018. While Spotify modd premium APK is free on both smartphone and tablets on various platforms such as IOS, Android but premium features aren't free you need to have a subscription to access different features of Spotify. Our spotify zip file can be downloaded from the links below.

Spotify premium apk was launched by a Spotify AB startup in Stockholm , Sweden, on March 7, 2008. With the best services and awesome collection of songs, it soon spread out the world. The trend in premium Spotify APK began in late 2015.
Spotify is available in most parts of Europe, the Americas, Australia , New Zealand and Asia. It's available for most devices including Windows, macOS , and Linux machines, as well as smartphones and tablets for iOS and Android.

What is Spotify

Spotify Premium apk is a free internet music streaming service that enables you to listen to unlimited music of your favorite and preferred artist offline and at no cost. Spotify apk premium is a ticket to enter the world of music. Spotify apk mod provides you with unlimited songs, free and offline songs and free songs to add. You can also save the music offline.


Unlimited mess
There's no limit on picking any song of your choice.
Audio Extreme is available
Repeat mode is switched on.
You block audio advertisements for full impact
Video Advertisements?
Spotify Unlocked Link
Attach the Search button to the information icon.
Unlocked connect spoof
Search for button added to bar of information (tablet mod)
Blocked visual adverts
Blocked Audio Ads
Search Enabled
Unlimited mess
Choose any song (Selected track)
Extreme quality audio unlocked
Allowed to repeat
Play any song on any device-mobile, tablet , or computer at any time
Load Offline Listening Music

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Download Spotify Premium Latest Version Free APK For Android Download Spotify Premium Latest Version Free APK For Android Reviewed by Techysport on 6/04/2020 Rating: 5

How To Translate Any PDF Document (Step By Step Instructions)

How To easily Translate any PDF Document (Step By Step Instructions), PDF is the standard paper format used for workplace, business & technical work around the globe. You can open PDF on it, no matter which computer you are using, even if there is no need to install any dedicated PDF editor, it can be opened with any browser.

Often in our professional life, we need to translate PDF documents into a foreign language. Here we'll tell you in this article how you can translate PDF into any language for free.
Display material

How To Translate A PDF Document (Step By Step Instructions)

Step Instructions On How To Translate any PDF Document:

We have tons of options when it comes to translating PDF document, but no other method will translate your document as accurately as Google Translator does, let 's understand how.

Phase 1: Via https:/translate.google.com/

How To Translate A PDF Document?

Phase 2: Click on the 'Document' link (not just PDF, you can use it to translate.doc,.docx,.odf,.pdf,.ppt,.pptx,.ps,.rtf,.txt,.xls, or.xlsx).

Phase 3: To upload your PDF file, click "Browse Your Computer."
How to Translate A PDF

How To Translate A PDF Document
How To Translate A PDF Document?

Phase 4: 4: Now select the language in which you want your document to be translated, click Translate (The process takes a few minutes and provides you with the translated content.

How To Translate A PDF Document?
How To Translate A PDF Document?

List of  sites that allows you to translate any PDF document:

As we have already told you no other website is as accurate as Google Translator, here are few alternatives

  1. Onlinedoctranslator.com
  2. Protranslate.net
  3. Deftpdf.com

Translating your PDF document with them is also easy, as you need to update your PDF document, pick language, and click on translate, like Google Trnalster.

This is how you can translate PDF documents, we hope this article will be of help to you. If the article is helpful in any way to you then post it on social media. Stay in touch with us for all our latest updates

How To Translate Any PDF Document (Step By Step Instructions) How To Translate Any PDF Document (Step By Step Instructions) Reviewed by Techysport on 6/03/2020 Rating: 5

How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently

If you want to remove your Gmail account then you can do it easily with the aid of the step-by - step guide mentioned in the article below. To continue with the method just follow the steps below.

    How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently
    How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently

    Gmail is one of the most popular social media networks with the largest number of registered users and it could be that nearly every person on the internet is also on the Gmail. Setting up a new Gmail account is easy; you just need to fill in a few blanks with the required details to choose your ID and password, and that's it! Build a new Gmail account. You can now log into your new account using that ID and password, and start enjoying the features and functions of Gmail. But if you want your Gmail accounts to be deleted it's not that easy;You can only deactivate your account, which will reactivate as soon as you log in and there is no such direct option that allows you to permanently delete your Gmail account within the Gmail. Yet stay tuned! There may be some other way to permanently delete your Gmail account and this approach was written down in depth in the article below. To learn about that method, go and read the post.

    How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently

    Remember that you should log out of each of your multiple Gmail accounts before you can proceed to this step if you are going to delete up to the Gmail account and you are logged into your multiple Gmail accounts. When you don't log out of the accounts, the other Gmail accounts can be affected too.

    Steps on How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently :

    1. Sign in to your Gmail account, which you want to permanently remove by filling in your credentials on the Gmail sign tab. When you have logged in to your Gmail account, go to the Account Preferences option in the pull-down menu to access it by clicking on the downward pointing arrow from your account's homepage.

    2. From the Account preferences page, you will just have to click on the Data Tools at the top of the screen. Now you'll see the box of data tools on the screen, scroll down to the tab of account management and then find and click on the option "Delete account and data."

    3. Now you'll need to test all the options in the form of a checkbox so you can confirm your account's deletion and get to hear about the impact of this on your services and data etc. So try reading all of these options and then review all of them to proceed further.

    4. Eventually, you'll be asked to fill in your account 's password, so you'll need to recheck a few options and after all, you'll finally be granted access to delete your account. Just click the "Delete Google Account" button and your request will then be processed. All the data and related services will automatically be closed within a few days or may be hours depending on the amount of data stored or used.

    So, finally, you've got the method by which you can permanently delete your Gmail account easily, so there's no need to wait too long to delete your Gmail account and it's info. Everything that will happen immediately and from that moment on, you won't find your account. And if you've also been contemplating permanently deleting your Gmail account just use this form and you'll definitely get all the performance.

    How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently
    How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently Reviewed by Techysport on 6/02/2020 Rating: 5

    How To Find out whom you Talk to the most on WhatsApp

    How To Find out whom you Talk to the most on WhatsApp, WhatsApp is  now the best and most popular instant messaging app out there. Compared to other instant messaging apps for Android, WhatsApp provides  more features and options. The app also provides video and voice calling apps.

      Until now, we have shared loads of articles on WhatsApp for Android, like how to allow dark mode, how to make custom stickers, etc. Today, we will be thinking about another best WhatsApp trick that will help you figure out who you are thinking to the most.

      This is a trick that not many people know. It will show who your closest friend is. Not only this but the system would also give you the total number of exchanged audio messages, documents, stickers, pictures , videos, etc.

      How To Know Who You Talk to the Most on WhatsApp

      So, let’s find out whom do you talk with the most and share a lot on WhatsApp for Android in 2020.

      Step 1. First , open the WhatsApp on your Android phone.

      How To Find out whom you Talk to the most on WhatsApp

      Open WhatsApp

      Step 2. On WhatsApp, tap the three dots and select ‘Settings’

      How To Find out whom you Talk to the most on WhatsApp
      Tap on ‘Settings’

      Step 3. On the Settings page, tap ‘Data and storage usage.’

      How To Find out whom you Talk to the most on WhatsApp
      Tap on ‘Data and storage usage.’

      Step 4. An the next page, tap  the ‘Storage Usage’ option.

      How To Find out whom you Talk to the most on WhatsApp
      Tap on the ‘Storage Usage’

      Step 5. The next page will show  list of groups and WhatsApp users you talk to the most.

      How To Find out whom you Talk to the most on WhatsApp
      List of groups and WhatsApp users

      Step 6. Tap  the particular group or users to find  number of texts, media files, etc.

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      How To Find out whom you Talk to the most on WhatsApp
      Tap on the name to find more details

      That’s it! You are done. This is how you can know WhatsApp contacts and groups you engage with the most.

      How To Find out whom you Talk to the most on WhatsApp How To Find out whom you Talk to the most on WhatsApp Reviewed by Techysport on 6/02/2020 Rating: 5

      5 Best Apps to Make Money in USA


      We all leave each day with our phones, most of us won't survive 24hrs without accessing at least 5 apps on our phones. A lot of apps developers in USA make huge money when we make use of the apps they developed. It's kinda one sided, we use the apps they make all the time without making a dime.

      Well that will most likely change after you finish reading this article on the
        Best Apps to Make Money in USA

        Since the dawn of smartphone creation, people living in USA and many other countries have been looking for ways to make money from the apps they use. That would really be awesome. Check it, imagine all the countless hours you spend on your phone, on the apps made by app developers. Imagine you could make money from the time you spend on these apps straight to your bank account in USA.

        That is actually possible. Just keep reading to understand better.

        There are many apps created that could be used to make money in USA. These apps were made in order to benefit both its developers and it's users. Although you won't earn enough to show your boss at work the middle finger, lol, but it's is still enough to get you some new cloths and shoes.

        Apps to make money in USA are quite numerous, but I'll only be talking about the ---- most legit ones out there.

        Best Apps to Make Money in USA


        When we talk about apps to make money in USA, I think its best to start with Ebates because it is one of my most favourite. How would you make money through Ebate app, one might ask.
        best apps to make money in usa

        Ebates is a cash back app. They give you cash back for things you purchase just as long as you do so through the app.

        Although Ebate don't own the things you buy. They are been paid in commission by stores for sending customers to their stores through the app. Ebate divides the commission given to them for whatever you buy into two. One for themselves and one for you. Its a win, win.


        Similar to the above mentioned Ebate App, Dosh app is also a cash back app. What you've got to do is to just link your credit/debit card to the app and it will give you cash back as you purchase things, travel, eat, or pay for anything at participating local and national merchants.
        best apps to make money in usa

        The screenshot above was from a user of the app. According to her, she got this cash back for payments for food she ate at an eatery. Am sure you'll really enjoy this app.


        Why I chose Swagbucks as the third app on my list is because I really love it. I used it a lot and I still do. Swagbucks pays you to do little things like watch videos, take on surveys, refer others, and many more.
        best apps to make money in usa

        As I told you earlier, these apps won't make you become rich. You only earn little cash. Whenever you refer someone to join Swagbucks with your special referral link, they get $5 sign up bonus.

        If you want to make little money taking surveys, then I would recommend you try out Onepoll. It is a very legit survey site.


        HealthyWage is a very nice app to make money in USA. This app is supported by the USA Government to motivate/encourage people to lose weight.
        best apps to make money in usa

        What you have to do is to bet a particular amount of money that you'll lose a particular weight in a given time. The HealthyWage calculator calculates your prize. Sometimes, the prize reaches $10000.

        When you complete the challenge, you will be awarded with your price. But if you were not able to complete the challenge, your money goes to support HealthyWage


        Last but not the least is Instacart. Instacart is one of the best apps to make money in USA.

        How does Instacart work?

        People living in both USA and Canada shop for groceries through the Instacart mobile app. These shopped items will be delivered by an Instacart personal shopper (You). Instacart pays you for every successful delivery.
        best apps to make money in usa

        You can really make a lot of money with this app. You can easily sign up by clicking here.

        If you search for Instacart online, you'll always see Shipt along with it. That's because Shipt is very similar to Instacart. If you like Instacart, I think it will also be nice if you try out Shipt.


        These apps I listed here are only my best because they are the one's I've used to make money in USA. Others might have alternatives but am confident that if you try any of these apps, you will not be disappointed.  

        I hope this post was really helpful to you. If it was, kindly help share it so that it could reach others by using the share button below. 

        Don't forget to leave a comment also. Cheers!!!
        5 Best Apps to Make Money in USA 5 Best Apps to Make Money in USA Reviewed by Techysport on 5/29/2020 Rating: 5

        A Complete Guide on How to Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria


        Did someone just tell you Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria is very lucrative? Or probably you read about it. Honestly, I would have loved to break your heart but that is the truth, affiliate marketing in Nigeria is at its early peak making it highly lucrative and open to everyone. Infact, economic analysis shows that the industry would grow to be worth over $800M in Africa in the next three years. A Complete Guide on How to do Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria


          A Complete Guide on How to Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

          In fact, it can be serve as a single business model or rather   help boost your blog revenue.


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          So if you want to get started with Affiliate Marketing as a business in Nigeria or probably just to make some quick money, you are in the right place. In a moment from now I will be telling you everything you would need to know about the industry, in fact I am planning to dedicated a whole category on my blog to teaching potential Affiliate marketers how to go about it, it consist of several articles that are next to none on the web (written specifically for Africans with the Africa economy in mind).


          Why Affiliate marketing in Nigeria is a great idea.

          There are tons of reasons I would advise anyone to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria, and I would give you some.

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          If done well, it could be completely passive : if you have been researching how to make money online for something now, you should have come by the term passive income. Simply put, passive income are incomes that are earned without your direct effort, for instance, if you own a real estate property, you would obviously be collecting rent from your tenants at the end of the year. That is passive because the only effort you made was to build the house and now you reap the benefits doing next to nothing. Same thing with the online world, you could build systems that would fetch you money even when you are on a hospital bed and unable to work. That is why it is called make money will you sleep.


          It is extremely affordable to start up : affiliate marketing in Nigeria is extremely affordable, in fact it is next to free. oh yes, if you are a student or probably married with a lot of responsibilities, you do not have to borrow money to start up. with as low as #2000 you can start marketing online and earn Affiliate commission.


          You got a mobile office : think about the most prestigious jobs in Nigeria, ranging from being a medical doctor to being a lawyer, if you are going on a vacation, it simply means you would not earn because you would not be able to go to work, but with Affiliate Marketing, you can work from Las Vegas or even from Capetown, as long as you have a working internet connection.


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          It is highly profitable : there is no gain saying the returns from Affiliate marketing in Nigeria is quite massive, when I first started out, I was encouraged by some foreign marketers who quitted their jobs to become full time marketers and are now making over $20,000 monthly. I took it as a challenge and as at the time of writing this article, I am making over 8x minimum wage monthly and the earnings just seem to be going up. I know of some guys here in Nigeria who make over #800,000 from their efforts put into Affiliate Marketing here in Nigeria. So it could be a side income provider for you, but could definitely grow into a full time career.


          That being said, let’s quickly dive into how Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria works.


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          The Affiliate Marketing Business Model.


          Affiliate marketing


          A business model simply explains how a business runs. For affiliate marketing in Nigeria it is not quite different from what it is universally, it is quite simple, it is all centered on


          1. Finding a product that offers an affiliate program.

           2. Signing up for the Affiliate program.

           3. Promoting the product to people.

           4. Get them to buy.

           5. You earn a certain percentage of what is sold.

           6. Go spend your money and enjoy.


          Well, I am going to do justice to everyone of those points above, apart from point 6, I guess to you know why.


          1. Finding products to promote

           There is a precise procedure I have when finding products to promote and I am going to give it to you for free. But firstly you got to


          pick a niche :  a niche is a kind of area where you view yourself as an expert or used to. For instance most girls are familiar with make up kits and Brazilian hairs and they are so familiar with these materials, so girls in campuses now make decent money selling these items. So your niche could be anything you could confidently lecture me about. If you are still confused as to what your niche could be, take a lot at what you use already or probably something you are passionate about. If you still have no idea, don’t worry, before you finish reading this article something would have popped up in your head. Feel free to contact me for further help via the contact page.


          Find Affiliate products in your niche : for the sake of this article, I will be using wireless devices as my niche. Imagine there is this cool wireless earpod I bought, and I would want to market it to people, the first thing I do is to check who sells these products. Probably they are being sold on jumia, the next question would be, does JUMIA offer an affiliate program? To check if the seller of a product offers an affiliate program, you can simply go to Google and search for the keyword (for this case it would be Jumia Affiliate program).


          If I make a search for that of Jumia you would see something like this

          A Complete Guide on How to Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

          over there is a sign that they offer an affiliate program

          Oh yes, Jumia offers an affiliate program, so you could run the test for the stores or websites that sell the product you wish to promote.

          Some of my friends and I have listed out the top Affiliate programs you can join.

          After finding your Affiliate program of a product you wish to promote, you can simply follow the laid down procedures to sign up for them, if you are experiencing any difficulty signing up for any Affiliate  program do not hesitate to contact me either through the comment box below or the contact page.


          What you should know.


          Must know No 1


          After signing up for any Affiliate program, you are given an affiliate link, it is a link meant for you alone to refer people. So when you want someone to purchase a product, you send them your Affiliate link,


          Affiliate links may take different forms, but this is how my smartweb Affiliate link looks like this. 

          A Complete Guide on How to Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

          My Affiliate link

          my piggyvest Affiliate dashboard.




          Must know No 2


          When the people you refer click your Affiliate link, a cookie of a fixed duration is placed on their browser. Let me break it down for you to understand, what that simply means is when someone clicks on your Affiliate link a detector (which is called a cookie) is being stored on the browser (such as chrome, Firefox or Opera mini) of the person. The cookie is kept for several days on the browser, If the person makes any purchase within these days you still get a commission.


          What is the good news, even if they do not buy immediately after clicking your link, as far as they make a purchase within the cookie lifespan (which is usually about 40 to 60 days) you will still get a commission.


          Must know No 3


          Various Affiliate programs offer free banners you could place on your websites, we would cover this as we move on.


          Now you are ready to start promoting and if cause earning. So what you need to do next is to determine where you would promote these products, there are three ways to give you an upper hand when it comes to promoting a product  in Nigeria. They are :


          Use your social media accounts to promote your Affiliate products.


          I once saw a meme on WhatsApp that said “when your smart phone does not make you money, you are not smart” and I quite agree with them, what in this world do you do with your 800 friends on Facebook? What do you do with your 5k followers on instagram? Let’s just forget about Twitter for now. I make over 80k monthly from the connections I am able to build via my social media accounts (especially Facebook). When you update your profile pictures you get over 5k likes, why don’t you monetize those loyal followers of yours. All you need to do is find a product that you know they would love and preferably one that you use yourself and share your Affiliate link with them, you can post it on your timeline or share it with them personally, you can do the same thing on Twitter and Instagram. Try also to be creative, you can shoot a video showing them how to use the product and how it has been of benefit to you and then place a link (which will be your Affiliate link)  to buy it below the video.


          A case study


          Now just imagine, I just bought a new earpod from Jumia, and it’s really nice and attractive, I then take some pictures and upload it, telling my friend how nice it is with a link (which is my Jumia Affiliate link) to purchase it. Even though some of them did not click it immediately, whenever they want to purchase it, they would love to go through you.


          My verdict : if you just want to make money this is really nice as you make money doing what you do already. However, if you want to take it as a business you may want to open a website / blog, I will address it below.


          Building your Affiliate marketing modelled website.


          Along the year 2008, blogging shifted a little bit from being ads dependent to being Affiliate commission dependent. So therefore an affiliate marketing website is one that generates a bulk of it income from affiliate programs. Oh yes, it could be a blog, or just a landing page. I would prefer you go with a blog, there are top kinds of blogs that make a lot of money using Affiliate marketing. If you have ever researched buying a mobile device in Nigeria, I guess you should have come across a blog called naijatechguide. Oh yes, he reviews tech related gadgets such as smart phones and gives you an affiliate link from which you can purchase the item.


          So I really recommend you own a blog. Infact, this blog you are reading right now makes a bulk of its income from Affiliate sales. We signed up for various Affiliate programs, some paying us as high as $60 per sale. Oh yes $60, that is approximately #21,000. Another Affiliate program pays us 50% of whatever the client we refer to them pays. So you see it actually works, below I will show you one of my Affiliate dashboard where I earned close to #3000 few hours after joining their Affiliate program, this is because I have been able to build a loyal audience using my blog.


          So what do you have to do?


          No 1. Build a Blog


          Yes you need a blog, and my guess is you do not know how to build such, that should not be a problem, there are a lot of people with such ICT skills today, all you need is an hosting plan and domain name.


          No 2. Build an email list.


          Most people check their emails daily, I check mine every two hours, so if you got a list of email, you can market future products to them via emails.


          No 3. Create quality contents.


          Oh yes, people would not just see your link, click and then make a purchase, you need to create value. You need some piece of contents. Whether you are writing a review about a product or writing a guide on how to use a product.


          Now that the framework of your page is ready to go, you need to create content.


          Some affiliate networks and affiliate programs require you to already have established content, site traffic, and monthly views at a certain level before they’ll accept you as an affiliate, so be sure to read the eligibility requirements for the specific networks and programs you’re considering before you apply.


          This doesn’t mean that you have to create 100 blog posts before you can even think about becoming an affiliate marketer, but you should have at least 5 strong posts already on your site with more scheduled.


          Make money online


          making money online is very possible




          Now you know what affiliate marketing in Nigeria is all about, what do you say? Are you going to give it a try? If yes, how? Are you going to open a blog?

          A Complete Guide on How to Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria A Complete Guide on How to Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria Reviewed by Techysport on 5/29/2020 Rating: 5

          7 Google Adsense Alternatives for Low Traffic Blogs in Nigeria

          7 Google Adsense Alternatives for Low Traffic Blogs in Nigeria, It's no more news that Google Adsense is the best pay per click ads network in the world today.
          No wonder most bloggers and website owners rely on Adsense as a major source of revenue for their blogs. very good Google Adsense alternative for low traffic blogs.

            top 7 best Google Adsense alternatives for low traffic blogs.

            However, getting Adsense approval is not quite easy. If you have ever tried to apply for Google Adsense for your blog, you will definitely understand what I mean.
            The application and approval process of Adsense is very strict. This then leaves most bloggers in search of the best Google Adsense alternatives for their blogs.
            If you are a blogger, looking for more ways to complement the existing Google ads on your blog, or you are just looking for the best Google Adsense alternatives for low traffic blogs, this guide will help.
            By the way, online ad networks are not the only ways to make monetize your blog. If you are looking for more ways to make money from your blog outside ads network, then you might want to consider affiliate marketing.

            In this guide, I will show you the top 7 best Google Adsense alternatives for low traffic blogs.
            List of the top 7 Google Adsense Alternatives for Low Traffic Blogs
            Below are the top 5 best Google AdSense alternatives for low traffic blogs or websites.

            1. Infolinks

            Infolinks Ads Reviews: 5 Best Tips To Generate Extra Revenue With This

            Infolinks is a global ads network and one of the best Google Adsense alternatives for low traffic blogs
            Infolinks which currently operates in over 128 countries makes it quite easy for bloggers to make money on their blog simply by integrating their ads on their websites.
            Infolinks ads are easy to customize, and they offer publishers the opportunity to place ads on unique places, so as to improve their CTR.

            2. Media.Net

            Contextual Advertising & Programmatic Platform | Media.net

            This is one of the highest paying Google Adsense alternative in the world with its very high payout methods for its users all over the world.
            It is very useful to a wide range of website owners due to the quality of its payout methods coupled with the provision it makes for displaying adverts and other forms of generating revenue for the business owner.
            Another unique advantage of using Media.net Ads is that it grants the user access to Proprietary server-side Programmatic Technology, Content-driven demand from direct advertisers and Agencies, etc.

            3. Bidvertiser

            How You Can Make Money With Bidvertiser - SeoRamanArora

            Bidvertiser is another top Google Adsense alternatives for low traffic blogs, as they offer both publishers and advertisers great ads options.
            Bidvertiser which is one of the fastest-growing ad networks makes it easy for bloggers to monetize their blogs.
            In addition, bloggers can earn more with Bidvertiser by joining their referral program and get paid for referrals of both advertisers and publishers,
            The Bidvertiser platform is very easy to use. If you are looking for a good Adsense alternative, I highly recommend this.

            4. Revenuehits

            RevenueHits | LinkedIn

            Revenue Hits is a great Google Adsense alternative for low traffic blogs and websites.
            They are ideal for website monetization due to their fast response and payout efficiency. Revenue Hits also offer various services like Button Ads, Footer Ads, Popads native Ads, etc.
            The RevenueHits are the best of all Google Adsense alternatives because they help websites and blogs to generate high revenue with their state of the art Geo-targeted Ad services alongside their Contextual uniqueness in delivery.

            5. Popads

            PopAds Review (2019 update) - Mobidea Academy

            This is also another very good Google Adsense alternative for low traffic blogs and websites, with its minimum payout of 5USD through Paypal and e-payments.
            They make use of a Popunder code which enables adverts to pop up when users click on items on the websites or blogs.
            They have grown so wide in their reach that a lot of countries are connected to them in regards to ads and this makes generating revenue with them more convenient.

            6. Propeller Ads

            Propeller Ads Review: Is It Worth? (2020 Update)

            Propeller Ads is very easy to work with because they made their process quite comprehensive and customer-friendly, especially for low traffic blogs.
            Despite its simple and easy process, it is still one of the best for low traffic websites. Some of its features include OnclickAds, Push notifications, etc.

            7. Adsterra

            Adsterra Integration

            The Adstrerra is also a very good Google Adsense alternative for low traffic blogs. They are one of the best ads networks, as they make it convenient for small websites or low traffic websites and blogs to access quality payout for their services coupled with its twice a month payout system.
            Although they only make payments within working days, they however ensure that payouts are made on time.
            They have a wide range of payment options to their publishers, which include wire transfer, Paypal, bitcoin, etc. payments are made in Dollars.


            Google Adsense no doubt is a good way for bloggers to generate income from their blogs or websites by displaying ads from Google.
            Hence, using any of the above listed Google Adsense alternatives doesn't imply you shouldn't apply for Adsense if you are yet to do so, or you just jettison the Adsense on your blog, if you already have one.
            No, that is not the intent of this post. The goal of this post is to help you identify other ads networks you can use and make cool cash while waiting for Google Adsense approval.

            That's all on the top 7 best Google Adsense alternatives for low traffic blogs
            7 Google Adsense Alternatives for Low Traffic Blogs in Nigeria 7 Google Adsense Alternatives for Low Traffic Blogs in Nigeria Reviewed by Techysport on 5/29/2020 Rating: 5
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